Paving and Patios

A well planned paved area can be the basis of a truly stunning garden. Used as a place to gather or as a place to entertain guests, Its the bridge between your home and Garden. 

We design and build exceptional patios from a huge range of materials and in a variety of colours, finishes and textures.  

One of the most popular materials for a paved area is Indian sand stone. Its a cost effective and reliable stone. Its used heavily because of its versatility, It can be sawn to a smooth finish or rough with a 'riven' texture to showcase the natural beauty of the stone.

It mostly comes in beige or lighter tones and can easily be sealed to prevent stains. 

Another increasingly popular option among customers is the use of porcelain in the garden. Its super tough nature means that it's nearly totally impervious to staining. 

Being man made means it now comes in a huge variety of styles and colours. There is nearly always an exact match to your kitchen tiles! 

As well as options for natural stone or porcelain, We also use a range of concrete products. Many of them are utilitarian but there are also lots that are designed to mimic natural stone that would otherwise be far to expensive to use. Imitation York stone is a good example of this. 

A good starting point for choosing a stone is to head to your local Garden centre, they normally have lots on display. Another good stating place is with our suppliers website, We mostly buy from Natural Stone and Timber Ltd, Their website is