We take great pride in the supply and installation of quality fencing at fair prices. Over the years we have refined our installation methods to ensure every fence is built to a high standard and using efficient methods.

We exclusively source all of our fence products from Bouchier fencing here in Reading, They've been making fencing for nearly 100 years and as a result, its the best that money can buy.

We install 2 main types of Garden Fencing, Close-board and Lap panels. 

Close-board fencing is Stronger, Longer lasting and generally more attractive than traditional lap panel fencing but tends to cost between 60-80% more per meter. Close-board fencing typically lasts between 15-30 years if installed and cared for correctly. 

Lap panels are always 6ft wide and range from 3-6ft tall, they are made from thinner wood and typically last between 5-10 years before the harsh British winter starts taking its toll.

Other typical types of fencing we install are Post and Rail for farms and paddocks, Batton screen/ Venicean fencing for a very modern and stylish finish and split willow screening for a cheap and simple visual barrier. For that traditional cottage look, Pickett or Palisade fencing works very well.

closeboard panels and concrete posts.jpg
Close Board Fencing On Wooden Posts
Close board on Concrete posts with gravel boards