Nothing makes you feel more like being on holiday in your own garden than an area of well made decking. We construct strong, high quality Decking in Reading and Berkshire in gardens of all sizes and for clients with a variety of budgets. 

When most people think of decking, they think of wood and screws but there are now so many options for materials. In particular, a rise in the popularity of Composite decking has swept accross the nation. 

Its easy to see why, The boards are typically made from recycled plastic and wood which means they wont rot. Important in our soggy climate. 

Traditional timber decking is still the most popular type of decking we install, Cost effective and very versatile, its also not too tricky to look after if you know what your doing. We take pride in offering detailed after care instruction to all of our clients. 

From measuring up, to Drawing out and the construction of your dream garden decking getaway, we offer the full package for Decking in Berkshire.